I just realized I have a lot of video game controllers…

All official first-party brand unless stated otherwise…

2 SNES controllers
1 N64 controller (Green)
1 DualShock 2 (Black)
1 Wireless PlayStation 2 Logitech controller
3 Gamecube controllers (2 Platinum, 1 White)
1 Wavebird (Grey)
2 Wii Remotes (White) (and 2 Wii Motion Plus adapters)
2 Wii Nunchucks (White)
1 Wii Classic Controller (non-Pro, White)
2 Xbox 360 controllers (1 White wireless, 1 Black wired)
1 DualShock 3 (Black)
1 Xbox One controller (Black)

1 generic PlayStation 2 Dance Pad

1 Xbox 360 arcade stick (HORI SoulCalibur V, Silent Sanwa buttons, Seimitsu LS-32 stick) (my fabulous Alpaca Arcade Stick!)
1 PlayStation 3 arcade stick (MadCatz WWE Brawlstick, Sanwa buttons, Sanwa JLF stick)
1 Playstation 1 arcade stick (Namco)

2 Xbox 360 Rock Band guitars (1 wired, 1 wireless)
1 Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour wireless guitar

1 Xbox 360 Rock Band 2 drumset (wireless)

2 Xbox 360 Wireless Lips microphones (not really controllers, but whatever)

1 Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 keyboard

1 Xbox 360 DJ Hero controller 

So I guess around 30 in all? That’s kind of a lot.


What happens when I’m bored lol (´・ω・` )

YES! C’mon, everyone! Dress up your alpacas, too!

Cookie Monster da best.

Jeff and Vinny (unknowingly) referencing Persona 2

"I’m Vinny! I cast Bufu on things I shouldn’t!" (x)

The angriest I’ve ever heard Jeff, lol.

That time Scott Steiner made his entrance accompanied by a tiger for no reason at all.

Alpaca Sailor Moon!

I’ve been waiting a long time to post this! I made this as a birthday present for a friend. She seemed to enjoy it, and now I can share it with all of you!

If you haven’t seen my other cosplaying alpacas, be sure to check out Alpaca Adventure Cosplay!

I call that a cartoon than anime lol

lol, it’s a joke that often tell when people ask me about my favorite anime, since I don’t watch much anymore (and at my first anime con, the voice of John Redcorn was there).

If you haven’t seen the King of the Hill Japanese dub… omg, it’s great.

should make this into an anime

I consider King of the Hill to be my favorite anime, so close enough.